What is it? Acupuncture is the insertion of a fine single use sterile needle into a specific point of the body. Most commonly used points are found on the legs, arms, and back. 

How does it work? The million dollar question. . . Researchers have found that activation of acupuncture points increases circulation, stimulates the immune system, desensitizes pain receptors, and it doesn't end there. Researchers continue to make new discoveries on how this ancient medical system heals the human body.

Does it hurt? Often people report tingling, a slight ache, temperature changes, a quick zip that dissipates, or no feeling at all. Acupuncture is not meant to hurt, but it is not sensation-less. Everyone's body reacts differently. I strive to make acupuncture as comfortable as possible using advanced needling techniques. Many people find acupuncture to be relaxing and soothing. 

What if I'm afraid of needles? Acupuncture can be needle-less. There are many other ways to stimulate the acupuncture points including acupressure and moxabustion. We can work together to find the most effective treatment to suit your needs

Herbal Medicine

Chinese Medicine combines multiple herbs together into formulas, like recipes. By adding herbs together, I can magnify potency, help absorption, assure safety, and individualize the formula to fit your unique health needs.  

There are thousands of natural resources used medicinally. Not all herbs are plant based like shells, honey, mushrooms, and minerals. Historically these herbs would be boiled for hours to extract the chemical components that the body can metabolize. Today herbal formulas come in tablets, powders, salves, and in raw form.


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So Much More

I am constantly adding to my repertoire to find more treatment to best serve you. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Tuina, a Chinese massage and muscle balancing technique. Great for correcting structure, reducing pain, and increasing range of motion.

  • Foot reflexology, massage with a lot of emphasis on the bottom of the feet. A system, that when stimulated has a systemic effect on the body.

  • Cupping, most recently made popular by Michael Phelps during the summer Olympics. This ancient tradition helps promote circulation, breakup muscle knots, and can even cut down the time of a common cold.

  • Guasha, a massage technique, with results similar to cupping. Instead of suction, Guasha utilizes pressure.

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations, because how we eat, move, and live, directly impacts our health and wellness. I will give you approachable, realistic, and fun tools to help you heal faster and stay healthy.